Sunday, February 17, 2013

Little man got braces

Isaiah is doing so much better in so many areas, that I really haven't had much to write about. He's mainstreamed for most of the day and only goes to Speech and one other "pull out" during the day. He's simply amazing.

Poor thing, his teeth have come in so crooked that the dentist recommended not waiting until he was older for braces. He would probably have to have several of his adult teeth pulled if they waited. So, off to the orthodontist he went.

Here, Isaiah is "posing" for me in front of the closet. You can kind of see his teeth.

In this picture, Isaiah is sporting his new braces, and a medal he won for the most improved player on his basketball team.

He's such a cutie... and he loves coming down to our house and spending time with his "crampa."

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Presents and New Year's Eve

It's been a few months since I posted and it's mostly because I haven't had enough "fodder" for my blog. But... I have a couple of doozies for you today.

Christmas Presents...

Saturday (the 29th), I opened presents with Amy, Rex, Isaiah, and Anna. Isaiah was having a bit of a rough day and had a bit of "attitude" about things. Amy had to call him out on talking back to her and during her conversation with him, I had to leave the room.

Amy: Isaiah, you need to calm down. I'm tired of you being smart-mouthed. You need to quit being smart with me.
Isaiah: (obviously struggling to be calm) But... but.. but... I'm trying to tell you.
Amy: Take deep breaths, calm down, calm down.
Isaiah: (jerking his arms and really upset) But, I want to be smart! (crying in earnest) Don't you want me to be smart?

It's then that I knew if I didn't leave the room the whole thing was going to blow up. Even Amy had to hide a smile as she explained the difference between "smart mouthed" and "smart" to him.

Once he got himself under control, he was able to open his presents, which he really enjoyed. He's getting so big and he's a great big brother to Anna.

New Year's Eve...

I was invited down to spend the afternoon/evening and enjoy an evening of playing games. Amy had bought Clue, Phase 10, and Yahtzee. Amy, Isaiah, and I played a round of Clue while Rex was at the store. Amy and I had each figured out that "Plum" was the guilty character so that's the only one we were concentrating on. Isaiah's character was "Mustard" and after the game was over, he was upset because we didn't pick him. He wanted to draw Intrigue cards from the deck.

I told him the next game, I'd make sure that I picked him and that I hadn't this time because I knew that Mustard was not guilty.

Later, Isaiah set up the game again for us to play. Rex and I played while Amy took care of Anna. It didn't take us very long to figure out that "Mustard" was the guilty character (Isaiah had picked him again). After we finished the game, Rex said that he figured out (based on Isaiah's concerns the previous game) that the guilty character would be Mustard and all we had to figure out was "where" and with what weapon. Isaiah said he didn't stack the deck, but we think he at least made sure that Mustard was the guilty character.