Monday, March 5, 2012

Various updates

I haven't had nearly enough "fodder" for my Isaiah updates lately.

He's being a very good big brother and does a really good job of sharing the limelight with Anna. He's had a few issues but he's had eight years of being an only child and when you go from that to having a baby sister in the house, it's a big adjustment for "normal" children. He loves his baby sister very much and is still very good about wanting to soothe her if she's fussy.

Anna's turned four months old on the 4th and is starting to become more active and interested in things around her. She loves it when Isaiah gets down on her level and talks to her.

Isaiah's doing very well in school this year and is learning how to do household chores to "earn" his TV and game time. He has an alarm and gets himself up every morning and ready for school. If he does this completely on his own, without reminders, he can earn 30 minutes of TV or game time. For each reminder, he loses 10 minutes.

Anna and Isaiah were baptized last month. Anna wore a beautiful gown that Amy's sister-in-law had given her. Isaiah was very spiffy looking in his suit, which is almost too small for him (he's grown so much!).

That's about it for my various updates. I'm sure I have more fodder for the blog somewhere but it will have to wait until another day.