Tuesday, August 16, 2011


This past Sunday, I went with Amy and Isaiah to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things. I'm working on the baby invitations and I wanted to see if they had some supplies I needed (which they didn't). Isaiah had birthday money to spend and he had a couple of ideas of what he wanted to buy.

Go-Gos. Don't ask me what they are because I can't tell you. They were $1.98 each and he got four of them. That left him a considerable amount of money.

So, he picked out a movie for himself. Rio. I haven't seen it so it will be nice to have him bring it over.

Next, he spied some stuffed "heads" from the game "Angry Birds." Amy had already seen them and decided to buy a small one for Anna's room because it was the perfect color of green.

Isaiah decided that he was going to buy it for Anna, with his own birthday money.

Wasn't that sweet? The stupid little head was almost $10 and he opted to share his money with her.

(Amy will give it back to him in some other form later, but he was insistent that he buy it.)

On the way out to the car, he wanted to show Anna her new toy. (Anna's not due to arrive until November 10.) Amy said he could tell her about it instead.

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