Sunday, August 28, 2011

Trip to see GiGi

Yesterday, Keith and I took Keith's girlfriend to Kansas City to meet my mom (Isaiah's GiGi). Since I knew that Amy and Rex had planned a day of baby shopping, I volunteered to take Isaiah with us. I knew that he'd have a good time and that Mom would enjoy seeing him.

We took her to lunch at Olive Garden. My sister, her daughter, and her two grandsons also joined us so we had quite the party. Mom had a good time visiting with everyone.

Before we left, she showed Isaiah the Hallmark ornaments she had gotten for him and he exclaimed that they were "amazing!" and that he loved them. They were Star Wars. She also showed him that she has a Darth Vader ornament coming in October for him.

He said, "Is it coming October 2?"
GiGi: I don't know. Sometime in October.
Isaiah: Well, if it comes October 2, that's my dad's birthday.
GiGi: Oh, it is? I should put that on my calendar.
Isaiah: Yes, you really should.

On the drive up, Isaiah discovered that he loves Sea Salt & Vinegar potato chips. He's had them before but had forgotten that he liked them. On the way home, he wanted to stop and get some but he was getting very tired. I promised him that we'd stop at the next rest stop and if he was asleep, I'd wake him up to get him some chips. Good thing I did...

First thing this morning he was hunting his chips (he'd fallen asleep before he had eaten them).

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Home alone

Today was the first day of school for the new year. Isaiah is in 2nd grade and is supposed to go to latch-key after school. "Supposed to" is the key here.

Evidently, Isaiah was a bit confused and the person doing the buses was confused. The wrong questions were asked - and answered - so Isaiah was put on the bus home.

No one is home at his house in the afternoon. He knows the code to get into the garage, so he opened up the door and discovered there were no cars in there. He went into the house and didn't find anyone. Isaiah did know exactly what to do, though.

He went to the neighbor's house and told her that no one was home. I'm not sure exactly how it played out, but she took him back to the school to latch-key so Rex could pick him up (and not panic when he didn't find him). The principal called Amy to apologize. The bus barn people called Amy to apologize.

I bet that doesn't happen again.

Amy bought a bulletin board and put it up on the fridge with all the important phone numbers. She had him practice calling for a "just in case" situation.


Me: Hello.
Isaiah: Hi Grandma, this is pretend. (I thought he said "week 10")
Me: What is week 10?
Isaiah: Pre-tend. I'm pretending...
Me: OK.
Isaiah: Grandma, I'm home alone.
Me: Oh... do you need me to come get you?
Isaiah: Yes.
Me: You know what to do when no one is home? You lock the front door and don't let anyone in except one of us. OK?
Isaiah: OK! Bye!


This past Sunday, I went with Amy and Isaiah to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things. I'm working on the baby invitations and I wanted to see if they had some supplies I needed (which they didn't). Isaiah had birthday money to spend and he had a couple of ideas of what he wanted to buy.

Go-Gos. Don't ask me what they are because I can't tell you. They were $1.98 each and he got four of them. That left him a considerable amount of money.

So, he picked out a movie for himself. Rio. I haven't seen it so it will be nice to have him bring it over.

Next, he spied some stuffed "heads" from the game "Angry Birds." Amy had already seen them and decided to buy a small one for Anna's room because it was the perfect color of green.

Isaiah decided that he was going to buy it for Anna, with his own birthday money.

Wasn't that sweet? The stupid little head was almost $10 and he opted to share his money with her.

(Amy will give it back to him in some other form later, but he was insistent that he buy it.)

On the way out to the car, he wanted to show Anna her new toy. (Anna's not due to arrive until November 10.) Amy said he could tell her about it instead.

Friday, August 5, 2011


Last night, I was at Amy's house because Rex fixed dinner for us. (I had surgery on Tuesday and haven't felt very good so Rex volunteered to fix enough dinner for Ron and I, too.)

We were sitting at the table talking (don't remember what we were talking about) and Isaiah suddenly put his hand on his chest.

Then, he said, "Pressure hurts. Cymbalta helps."

We just about busted a gut. We told him that Cymbalta was for depression.

He said, "But pressure hurts, too."

Isaiah sure brightens our days.