Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Wednesday was little man's 8th birthday. It's so hard to believe that it's been eight years since I got the phone call to let me know that he had been born. I know exactly where I was... in a hotel restaurant, in Kentucky, with my sister (Kris) and her two children because her son was graduating from Army boot camp. It was Easter Sunday and a glorious morning.

Isaiah has come so far in the past few years - from being non-verbal, to speaking his own language, to showing affection and receiving affection (letting people other than immediate family touch him). He went through stages where he couldn't stand to be touched by anyone other than Amy, Ron, Keith, and me. Now, he's a hugger and readily accepts affection from GiGi (great-grandma), cousins, aunts, uncles, and other adults who love him. He especially loves getting attention and affection from his new dad. We are so grateful to have Rex in Isaiah's life and so fortunate to be able to call him family.

Amy and Rex went to his school for lunch on his birthday. He had wanted his mom to come and eat with him, so they told him they would both come for his birthday. Amy said he enjoyed it but told them they didn't need to come again; she thinks he missed sitting with his friends. Little man is definitely growing up.

Memories of Isaiah over the years:

March, 2004

1st Birthday

And, now he's 2!
Turning 3 - he'd lived with us for four months
Zoo, Spring 2007. One of my favorite pictures
Turning 5! Wow - getting big!

Halloween, 2009

Turning 7; April 2010

8th Birthday

Each picture that I look at brings back specific memories of a fun time, an event, or something that Isaiah either said or did. As I look back on the years that Amy and Isaiah spent with us, I can only thank God for allowing our lives to be so greatly enriched by the presence of this wonderful little man.

We love you, Isaiah! Happy Birthday!!!