Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tickled, just tickled...

I have two things that made me laugh so much that I nearly cried. Of course, I had to make sure that Isaiah didn't realize I was laughing (second story) because he was so serious.

First story:

Amy and I had to go to Michael's for some wedding supplies yesterday and Isaiah asked if he could come home with me. Since we work right next to where he goes for summer camp, I said sure.

We were riding home, talking about various things.
I don't know what brought it up but Isaiah said, "When the policeman told Rex to slow down, I raised my hand."
The policeman said, ‘you have a question?’

I said, yes - that Rex drives fast all the time.
The policeman said, ‘Really? He should maybe slow down then, right?’

I said, 'yes maybe he should.'"

That brought tears to my eyes.

Second story:

Rex's mom and dad have told Isaiah to call them "Nana" and "Poppa" because they're going to be his new grandparents. He's very excited to get new grandparents, new cousins, and new aunts/uncles. He said he was going to call them Grandma Nana and Grandpa Poppa. I said that Grandma, Nana, Nanny, and Granny all meant "Grandma" and Grandpa, Poppa, Poppy were all words for Grandpa. So, if he said "Grandma Nana" he was really saying the same as "Grandma Grandma."

He was silent for a minute and then said, "Oh, but I like Grandma and Grandpa."
I said, "I know, but your name is Isaiah and you like to be called Isaiah. You don't like it when people call you Izzy, right?"
He sat there for a minute and then, very solemnly, said, "We have to write them a note. It needs to say 'Dear Nana and Poppa, I'm so so sorry that I broke your heart with this discussion. I will call you Nana and Papa. Love, Isaiah."

That one really had me in tears. I told him that he was fine and didn't need a note.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lost teeth

For several days now, Isaiah has been sporting loose teeth. His two front teeth, to be exact. He's been very careful to not bite down on anything that would cause either of these teeth to fall out.

Until yesterday. First one fell out and then the second one fell out today. He was quite happy to get his money from the "toof fairy". He got four quarters for the first tooth. That equals "100" and he loves to think of things in terms of "100."

Friday, July 9, 2010

Kids only theater (a.k.a. fee-a-ter)

Last weekend, Isaiah and his cousins were in the spare bedroom watching a movie on his Cars television. With three boys and one girl - and a television going - it was quite loud. The adults were trying to have a conversation at the dining room table, which is just outside the room.

I closed the door and told them that we needed them to leave it closed because we couldn't hear ourselves talk.

A couple of minutes later, Isaiah opens the door...

"Dis is a kids fee-a-ter only - no adults allowed."  Shuts the door...

Door opens...

"You got dat guys? Kids only. No adults allowed in the kids' fee-a-ter."