Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ladies' Man

Last night, Amy and I went wedding invitation shopping, so I suggested we go to IHOP afterwards. While we were eating, Isaiah was talking about girls at day camp.I said, "are you a ladies man?"

He said, "oh sure, I like the girls. I like Sydney, Cindy, the other Sydney, Skyler..." (and other names I can't remember - or understand his pronunciation of them).

He is so darned cute.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

And the phrase SHOULD be...

"Guys, guys, you missed my reaction! Come see my new room!"

And, what he actually said...

"Guys, guys, you missed my erection!"

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Talking to mom

Isaiah spent the night with us last night because Amy has school on Tuesdays and then I took him to the Y today for "summer camp" (their day care program for school-aged children). Since he wanted to talk to his mom this morning, I dialed her up and handed him the phone.

Isaiah: Amy? Is that you? This is Isaiah.
Amy: I know it's Isaiah. Grandma handed you the phone.
Isaiah: Oh, yeah, that's right.
Isaiah: I heard a telephone and it was Alexander Graham Bell!
Amy: What?
Isaiah: Mrs. Couch (who was his teacher in preschool - 2 years ago) showed us the telephone and it said "answer the phone! answer the phone!" It was Alexander Graham Bell!
Amy: Oh... OK. I have to go now so I can get ready for work.
Isaiah: OK, see ya later alligator.
Amy: After while, crocodile

Then, she hung up.After she hung up, he decided that he'd forgotten to tell her something. He said, "I have to tell her "in the street, parakeet."

So, of course, being the good grandmother that I am, I dialed her back up.

Amy: Hello...
Isaiah: I forgot to tell you something.
Amy: What did you forget to tell me?
Isaiah: In the street, parakeet!
Amy: OK, I have to go now.
Isaiah: Love ya, bye!