Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Terrific Tuesday

Isaiah had a great day today. It didn't start out as great and his mom told him if he didn't have a "green" day then he'd have to go to bed right after supper and his bath. When I picked him up from latchkey, I asked him what color his day was. He told me it was green, but then said he didn't want me to look, just in case he was mistaken and he didn't want me to think he was lying. Because, he said, lying is bad.

I told him that if he was honestly mistaken, then it wasn't a lie. If he was trying to get someone to believe a story, THAT was a lie. "Ooohhh..."

We got into the car and he opened his book bag. "I was right! I DID have a green day!" I said we had to call his mom to let her know the good news.

Amy: Hello?
Isaiah: Hello, Amy.
Amy (laughing): Hi, Isaiah. How was your day?
Isaiah: Amy, you are never going to believe the kind of day I had.
Amy: So, tell me... what kind of day did you have?
Isaiah (holding the phone over his agenda book): See... Just look!
Amy (laughing harder): Isaiah, I can't see the page. Just tell me.
Isaiah: Oh, OK. IT WAS GREEN! I had a green day!
Amy: I'm so happy you had a green day. Thank you for having a better attitude this morning.
Isaiah: Oh, really, it really wasn't that big of a deal. You're welcome.
Amy: So, it wasn't that big of a deal, huh?
Isaiah: No, it was easy.
Amy: Then I think you can have a green day every day then, right?
Isaiah: Love ya, bye!

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Mama Page said...

That's awesome! He is such a character.