Saturday, February 20, 2010

Well - actually...

When I came home from the hospital the other night, Amy handed me a sack from the local Hallmark store with a couple of items inside. She said that Isaiah had been shopping and picked out the two things inside. One was a Precious Moments character in a police car that he bought for his Crampa. The other was from the Henry elephant line. Isaiah and I both like elephants.

Amy said he'd picked that out and when they were at the counter asked if they could afford to buy it - meaning how much did it cost (it was on sale so they didn't know). I looked it over and commented on how cute it was.

The next morning, as Isaiah was getting ready for school I told him how nice the police car was and that Crampa would love it. Then I said I loved the elephants and thanked him.

He said (with one hand on his hip and the other extended with his palm up), "Well, actually - it's for me."

Well - actually... he cracks me up.

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