Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"We're moving..."

Isaiah came running into the house last night and told his grandpa that we were moving. Grandpa asked if he and mommy were moving, and he said that No, we were ALL moving.

Isaiah would sleep in his room, I got to sleep on the sofa, and "Crampa" could sleep on the floor by the sofa. LOL!

What triggered all this was a conversation I was having with Amy on the phone. Isaiah had a "yellow" day because his backpack was on the floor. I could not believe his teacher had him pull a card because his backpack had fallen off the hook and landed on the floor. Isaiah said, "I had a yellow day. I never put my backpack on the floor in Ms B's room. That's not good. Never, never, never put your backpack on the floor. She said I did but I told her I didn't. So she told me to pull a card."

He went on and on about he wouldn't leave his backpack on the floor. I told him that maybe it fell off and his teacher just didn't realize it, that accidents happen, and to not worry about it.

Secretly, I was upset that his teacher didn't think that maybe, just maybe it could have fallen off. So, I told Amy that we should all just move. So... Isaiah decided that we were.

Plus, on Sunday night, he sat on Rex's lap and said, "So, do you think it's time for you to marry my mom? It is time yet?"

LOL - Rex is going to think I put him up to it, or that Amy put him up to it. No matter he jumped on the "move" part.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Isaiah said...

"My mom had to pull my broken toof. I was not impressed. I cried. But the toof fairy brought me three monies so I guess it is OK."

Amy said, "Isaiah, where are you going?" He said, "To Neverland. I will be right back."

(About watching Avatar - and crying during the movie.) I don't want to see the blue people lose their tree. Their tree is their whole world. It makes me very sad."

"Grandma, did you know me when I was a baby in my mommy's tummy? Did God tell you my name was Isaiah? I fink He told you dat."

"Grandma, can daddies have a baby in their tummy? I want to grow up and have a little boy and I will be a very good daddy." (Had to tell him no on this one; he'd have to get married and only mommies could have babies in their tummies. "Oh...")