Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree!

A former co-worker knows how much Isaiah loves Star Wars and Darth Vader so she brought in a Hallmark ornament from 1997 that has Darth on a platform, light saber in hand, and talks when you push a button. It's really James Earl Jones' voice, which is pretty cool.

I was talking to Isaiah on Friday about his day while Amy sat quietly just holding the box. Suddenly, he realized she had something so he walked over to see and, in mid-sentence, just stopped and stared. He was speechless, which was hysterical.

We asked him if he wanted it on the tree, and when he said he did we took it to hook it up. He was amazed that it talked and when he heard Darth Vader say, "Luke, you are not a Jedi yet," Isaiah exclaimed, "He is, too!" He was very indignant on Luke's behalf. He had to listen to the comments over and over.

I really wish I had a video of him listening and imitating the voice coming out of the speaker. He made us play it several times and then said, "Push it one more time so I can say what he says." To watch him and listen to him was absolutely hysterical. Amy and I loved it. In perfect "Darth" voice, he said the words as best as he could keep up. He didn't say exactly what the figure said - or at the same time, even - but he did do his very best Darth imitation and had us highly amused.

He refused to say that Luke wasn't a Jedi, though.

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