Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas is over for another year...

Isaiah did very well. We went to KC to visit my family and there were about 25-ish people there, including three cousins younger than him. Isaiah was very tolerant of the over-exuberant hugs from cousin Aiden (absolutely too cute, too) and was really pretty good about not wanting what the others were playing with. I only had to really get onto him once.

He has really grown in the past year with his speech and his social skills. He still has challenges but he's much better at being able to listen to us explain things (even if he's not happy about what we're explaining because we're not going to do something "his" way) and overall, very much improved.

He was being entertained last night while the adults were playing our Dirty Santa game; my nephew had Isaiah and his nephew, Ian, gathered around him while he showed them something on his iPod. It was totally cute.

Isaiah got each of us gifts at school through the "Santa's Workshop" program they have. Amy sent $30 and a list of who he needed to buy for. He was very meticulous and really picked out things that he thought would be appropriate. He bought me a ring holder for when I take off my jewelry to put on lotion, bought his mother a "mom" picture frame, bought his Crampa a flashlight that has tools with it, Uncle Keith a K-State mini-football, Rex a KU mini-football (which is funny because Rex is a K-State alumni), and bought some stuff for LeCole and her kids. He said he wanted everyone to be happy. Were we happy? You bet. He did a great job. He got Crampa the flashlight because he didn't want him to fall in the dark any more. That was sweet.

Isaiah is already planning for next year. So am I!

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