Friday, November 13, 2009

It's been a while...

There has been a lot going on since my last post. Isaiah got a flu shot and it was a harrowing experience for him and the staff. He is terrified of needles. The next day he got sick so missed two days at work. LOL - I mean school. I'm sure he thinks it's work.

He threw up at school - at lunch, no less. He said he "frew up" on the floor, in the trash can, on the table, and in the bathroom. He "frew up" on his friend's lunch box (I bet that was impressive; wonder if he still has that friend?).

He's been having more trouble getting green days but when he gets a yellow day we don't always know what it is for. Amy asked the teacher to please jot a short note to say why he was in trouble. They are just amazing. "Isaiah had yellow because he took too long to fill out his journal." Hello - he is SIX and has a learning disability. Do you think that "too long" is a bit vague? How long is too long and what do you consider reasonable? I'm not sure I like this woman.

Last night when I picked him up I asked him what he thought we should get his mom for Christmas. He said, "I know!!"

So, I asked him what.

"A Power Puff Girls game so she can be the hero."

I don't think she needs a Power Puffs game. I don't even know if they make a game like that.

"How about a Star Wars girl? She can be the queen hero."

I don't think she would like a Star Wars girl.

"But I would like it."

ah... Smart thinking - get mommy a gift and if she doesn't like it she will share with him.

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