Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"Unhappy" campers...

We are not terribly happy with Isaiah's teacher or his school right now.

This week is conferences and book fair events. As part of the schedule of events, Monday was "crazy hair day." Isaiah has very dark hair and it's short - he is a boy and we keep his hair fairly short, so "crazy" for him is hard to do. Amy decided she'd spray his hair blue and spike it up. He loved it.

When she picked him up, she noticed that his hair was no longer blue and he said they took him to the nurse's office and washed his hair. She asked him why - did the color make him itch (he has very sensitive skin) and he said no that he didn't want his hair washed. So, she sent a note on Tuesday to the school asking why his hair had been washed.

The teacher returned a note - and copied page 13 out of the parent handbook - that said "unusual hair colors will not be permitted." OK - then WHY do a crazy hair day and not let kids color their hair for the day? The rule also says that no scarves or bandannas would be allowed; today is crazy hat day - so are they going to take the scarves or bandannas off the kids who wear those today?

The only exception to this rule is school-sponsored Spirit Week. Since this was "only" a book fair event, it wasn't sanctioned by the school. We think it was pretty stupid and silly. Isaiah was one of three who had his head forcibly washed. His bus driver is a para for the school and she said there were kids all over with colored hair. Amy is totally irritated, and I don't blame her. Her conference is tomorrow and I'm sure this will be addressed. Amy has a laundry list of items to address with her teacher. (I've never met her, but I can't say that I like her just judging by the comments she writes in Isaiah's agenda.)

Today, for crazy hat day, Amy sent his Darth Vader ball cap - it has Darth's face on the bill. They better let him wear that hat...

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SkippyMom said...

Having put 5 kids through the public school system [with a few years of homeschooling two of them] I can completely feel your pain and ire over this.

Crazy hair day is EXACTLY that - andn NO ONE touches my kids - I can't imagine how p.o.'d you and Amy must have been. Although I have read the other posts and his teacher sounds like a - let's just say - a doofus. Wow.

Isaiah sounds like a little dreamboat - I know there are other things going on - but I would just adore having him around too. Such a cutie.