Saturday, October 3, 2009


Isaiah is sick but he doesn't want "pink medicine." I told him the pink medicine is called an antibiotic and that unless he had an infection, the doctor wouldn't give it to him.

He said he doesn't have "the pink eye" like someone at school has. So he doesn't need the manimiotic. He doesn't like manimiotics. And, he doesn't like shots. He doesn't want the flu shot today, "please don't give me the flu shot today because I will cry."

Dr. Niederee was very good with him today. He showed Isaiah that looking in your ears doesn't hurt (I was a willing guinea pig for him) and looking in your throat doesn't hurt either. Isaiah was pretty scared and was concerned about the stethoscope. He was also pretty concerned that the light was getting too close to his face, too. He can't stand to be held down so getting him examined in the doctor's office is always a challenge. Today, he was able to sit on Amy's lap but he felt pretty confined when the doctor held his hand on top of his head to look in the ears. Once the hand moved from the top of the head to holding just the ear, it was much better.

After examining him, Dr. Niederee (who is not Isaiah's regular doctor) said, "so, is he diagnosed autistic? He seems to be very mildly affected and very high-functioning." I think the flailing of the arms was a dead giveaway.

Isaiah was all smiles when we left, especially since he didn't get a shot. He told Dr. Niederee that next time he was sick, maybe he'd see him again.

But no shots. OK?

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