Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Arcade fun

Yesterday, we went to the mall to play at the arcade. Isaiah's not very tall so most games that involve hand and feet action are out of his realm. We tried a driving game but that lasted all of about 30 seconds. Not my idea of fun... me sitting on the floor and pushing in the accelerator with one hand while he's steering. Nope. We moved on.

Offered to let him ride the Batmobile. Nope - didn't want to shake and go up and down.

Offered to let him ride the helicopter. Nope - didn't want to go up and down.

Offered to let him ride the train. Nope - you guessed it... didn't want to go up and down.

Decided he wanted to shoot baskets. It was broken. [sigh] Wanted to play the game where you hit the button to stop the light in between two arrows. That was too tame and he couldn't figure out what light I was talking about. Moved on...

Found the skeeball games. Woo-hoo! Finally found something that he could do - and do relatively well once he found out he could really put some power behind the ball. He won quite a few tickets (OK, so I helped by playing a couple of games myself) and was able to get himself some really {choke, sputter} nice prizes.

Since he was so good-natured about everything, the proprietor gave him the balloon hat. I think it was his favorite prize.

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