Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mommy hurt my feelings

Isaiah had an accident. Not an "accident" but an "accident" - as in waiting too long to go to the bathroom. Why is it that boys do this? I'm sure girls probably do, too but it seems to be more prevalent in boys.

By the time he got into the bathroom, he couldn't get his pants down. Ron saw him in the bedroom in just his underwear.

Ron: Where are your pants?
Isaiah: I took them off.
Ron: Why?
Isaiah: Oh, I wet them. It was an accident. I dinnit mean to.
Ron: Could you not get them unfastened?
Isaiah: No, I just waited too long.

(Note that he was very nonchalant, calm, and not concerned at all that he had wet himself. He just took off the offending jeans. I guess wet underwear wasn't as uncomfortable as wet underwear AND wet jeans. Go figure...)

When Amy found out he'd waited too long she made him change and then go sit in time out. He was not a happy camper with that development. Once he was allowed to get up he told me that mommy had hurt his feelings because she made him sit in time out. I told him that he sat in time out because he had wet his pants, and if his feelings were hurt it was because he got punished.

At dinnertime, I told him to sit down next to Grandpa at the table. He wanted me to sit on the other side of him.

"I can't sit next to mommy because she hurt my feelings. I can only sit next to you and to Crampa." I guess he thought he was punishing her by not sitting next to her.

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