Sunday, May 24, 2009

Is it school tomorrow?

No, Isaiah. There is no school tomorrow. Why?

"I have to talk to Ms. Rankin. I need her to come to my house to play. I will let her be the princess in Star Wars."

Poor Isaiah. He wants to have friends over. There were two little girls and a boy playing outside last night so he wanted to get his bike and his helmet to go play, too. Although it was pushing bedtime, I let him ride for a little while.

I'd hear him say, "Huhwo, my name is Isaiah. What's yours?" The girls absolutely ignored him and the boy wasn't much better. He was so sad, he'd tell me that he said hi nicely and wanted to be their friend but they wouldn't talk to him.

How do you deal with kids who show no interest at all and explain to a child who just wants to be a friend?

No wonder he wanted to go to school today. Ms. Rankin always had time for him.

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Aiden's Mommy said...

poor Isaiah, i know how horrible, aiden always wants to play with children he see's too, and i have no idea how to explain to him that everyone isnt as nice or friendly as he can be at times, when he just says "hi girl, or Hi boy and waves" and they just stare at him like something is wrong with him. you just want to go up to the other children and ask them didnt your parents teach you any manners?