Thursday, April 16, 2009

New shoes

Isaiah got a pair of new shoes tonight. His feet have really grown this year (wish his body would) and he's grown out of his shoes before he's worn them out (which is a switch for him).

Amy and I had been in Famous Footwear the other day and we found some really cute Converse shoes that we thought he'd like. He didn't. He did like some Skeechers instead, though. They were more expensive (of course) and the color was brighter. He kept telling Amy that he liked them and only them. He said if he got them he could fly.

She got the shoes and got them paid for. Isaiah kept asking her if he could push the button and fly. I'm not sure where the button was, but from what I gather the "button" was part of the graphic on the box and it looked like the boy on the box was flying.

I guess Isaiah figured if the kid on the box could fly, then if he wore the shoes he could fly, too.

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