Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Isaiah-isms

Isaiah goes to latchkey after school and their playground is sand. When he comes home, I empty his shoes out before we get into the car. Amy doesn't always remember to empty his shoes. Last night, Isaiah was going to take his shoes off and I remembered that she had done the picking up and not me. So, I told him to take his shoes of in the kitchen and dump them into the trash. He stood by the trash can for a long time and finally I asked him what he was waiting on.

Isaiah: Wow! Dat's a wot of sand. I must have brought the whole playground home!

One of the items Isaiah's class is doing involves a special project. I'm not sure exactly what they have to do, but basically it involves selecting something and then being able to present several facts about the item to the class. Isaiah has decided to do his presentation, which is due April 15th, on elephants. Isaiah loves elephants. They are his favorite animal and he already knows several facts about them.

We were spouting the stuff that he knows, and I said something about how big they are. Amy asked Isaiah if he wanted to learn how big they were. He said sure... We can tape them. (He meant measure how big they are.)

Wonder what he wants to use to measure them with...

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