Wednesday, April 8, 2009


As we were leaving last night, a guy was coming in with this huge boxer male dog. Of course, Isaiah headed right for it. This dog’s head was eyeball-to-eyeball with Isaiah. So, I told him to slow down and ask if he could pet the dog, and how you just don’t walk up to dogs you don’t know and start touching them. “Miss Jimmie” was petting him and agreed, then said this particular dog – named Bullet – liked kids and liked to be petted.

Isaiah asked her if it was her dog; she said no, that it belonged to the boy (teenager) who brought it in. Isaiah then asked her what the dog’s name was and they told him “Bullet.” He said that’s not a good name and he has a dog named Maisey. "That’s a good name."

Then he told them they could pet Maisey, too. They can come to his house…. In Kansas…. On a street.

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