Wednesday, March 11, 2009

School fun night

Friday night was Isaiah's school fun night. He had a blast playing the games and doing the "fun" things. He was so excited to see his teachers - as if he hadn't seen them for such a looooonnnnnggg time. LOL - it had been about three whole hours.

Isaiah has several girlfriends. He thinks they're "bootiful" and he's going to marry them. He's not sure which one as it changes. But someday, he's going to marry one of them and they can live with him and his mommy. His favorite girl, Briley, is the daughter of one of his teachers. Paige is another one of his favorite girls and Amy got to meet her and her mother. Evidently, Isaiah isn't the only one who talks about others because Paige's mom said, "Oh, so this is Isaiah. Paige has told me all about you."

Paige had been to the face painting booth and had a rainbow on one cheek and a heart on the other cheek (complete with an arrow). So, Isaiah had to have his face painted, too. Amy tried to steer him to more masculine items but he wanted his to be just like Paige's. So, what's a mom to do when a five year old wants to wear a heart and a rainbow on his face? You do what any good mom would do - you let him.

He was very cute and I took pictures of them because he didn't want me to wash them off of his face. He did ask me to wash the arrows off of his face because he couldn't go to bed with an arrow through his heart. This was said with the utmost seriousness, both hands across his chest, and bent over like something had actually pierced his heart.

I did let him go to bed without washing the rest of it off. I figured it would come off on the pillowcase. I was right. That's OK. Who am I to stop artistic expression? That's what laundry soap is for.

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