Thursday, March 5, 2009

Off to a good start

March is getting off to a good start for Isaiah. He's had one yellow day and the rest this week were green.

Today his class presented their projects on their favorite Dr. Seuss book. Isaiah did "Green Eggs and Ham," as did many others in his class. They had to decorate a paper bag like the book and then have the book inside. They also had to tell the "story" of the book. Isaiah had the storyline down very well, complete with different voices for the characters. He's one talented little boy.

He said last night that he wants Rex to be his daddy and Juan to be his friend. If Rex doesn't want to be his daddy, then Ron (his grandpa) could be his daddy. It does not seem that he wants Juan to "resume" his role of being daddy. He's not even tried to see Isaiah for over two years, so I'm doubtful if Isaiah would recognize him. He also hasn't called in nearly a year (probably so Amy can't get his phone number) and the gift card he sent for Christmas didn't have a return address on it (gee... wonder if he's afraid she might find him for child support???).

Isaiah is such a blessing to us and he is so smart. Every time I pick him up from latch key, the teachers tell me how smart he is, how much they adore him, and how much they like having him around. It's so nice and refreshing to hear that after all the negative things we heard from day care last year. It just goes to show that people with the correct training do a better job of caring for special needs children. There's one teacher from his former day care that we can't even mention her name as he acts like he's afraid of her. I have no idea why or what she could have done, but Amy is not happy about it. LOL - she said that Isaiah better forget all about it before he's mature enough to tell her what the issue is, or "heads will roll" when she's finished. My girl does protect her baby - and rightfully so.

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