Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Green Eggs and Ham - Isaiah style

I will not eat them on a bus
I will not eat them... I don't memember that word.
I will not eat them Sam I am
I do not like green eggs and ham.

I wish I could have watched Isaiah doing his presentation. He got perfect marks on all areas of the assignment. He has the book nearly memorized and can recite it using more than one voice.

A co-worker has chickens and one of them lays blue-green eggs. I asked him about bringing in one of the colored ones for Isaiah and he brought it to me yesterday. When I picked Isaiah up from latch key, I showed him the egg and he was very excited - except I only had one. The book has two... and where was the ham???

I explained that my friend brought me the egg and he only brought one but we could cook it anyway. I got the egg all washed up and showed to Isaiah and cracked it in the bowl.

Isaiah: It's not green on the inside.
Me: No, it looks like an egg.
Isaiah: But the book says "green eggs" and this one is yellow and white.
Me: Yes, but the outside, the shell, is green. Do you want me to cook it?
Isaiah: Yes, but don't cook it hot.
Me: OK, I'll cook it warm but I have to make sure it's done all the way through.
Isaiah: OK, but where's the ham.
(lucky for me, we had some shaved ham for sandwiches)
Me: I've got some for you. Do you want me to cook it, too?
Isaiah: No, just put it in the bowl.
(after cooking)
Me: Here is your green egg and ham.

I can eat it in a house
I can eat it with a mouse
I can eat green eggs and ham
Because I like them, Sam I am!

He cracks me up.

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