Monday, March 2, 2009

February was a good month

Although he had more green days in January than he did in February, Isaiah still had an excellent month.

He collected the most money in his grade for their fund-raiser so he got to eat lunch with the principal on Thursday. He was so excited. They had cheese pizza. Yum...

Isaiah misses Alexander but he doesn't miss having to share his toys. LOL, maybe the next time they get together Isaiah won't be quite so worried about "his" things. Most of the time he was very generous with his things and would voluntarily give things to Alexander to play with. Other times, he was very territorial and insisted that Alexander was trying to take his toys.

Isaiah has a great imagination and sense of humor. This morning he was heading out to the car to go to school and told "Po" to come along, too. I don't know who this is, but he's imaginary. I told Isaiah that he needed to talk to real people at school and he could pretend at home. We'll see if that works or not.

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