Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Did you have a green day?

Of course, I said I did. Isaiah had a pink day today. Why, you might ask... It seems that he didn't think he needed to be nice to his friends. He thought he was being funny. He was told more than once to stop whatever it was he was doing. That was one card. Then he did something else, and that cost him another card. He also got into trouble at latch key for telling one of his friends he was going to kill her. Unfortunately, Isaiah doesn't understand that people "can" say things that they hear on television, but that doesn't mean they "should" say them. So, on the way home from latch key, we had the following conversation.

Isaiah: Did you have to go to the office?
Me: No, I didn't.
Isaiah: If you have a pink day do you have to go to the office and talk to your teacher?
Me: Yes, if I had a pink day I would have to go to the office.
Isaiah: {sigh} I had a pink day because I dinnit wisten but I dinnit shoot anyone.
Me: Why did you tell your friend something mean?
Isaiah: Well, I wanted her to be the mom and she wanted to color. So, I said I would kill her.
Me: That wasn't nice; we don't say things like that to our friends.
Isaiah: Manny says it to Sid and Sid is his friend.
Me: Manny and Sid are make believe. Sometimes we hear things on our favorite TV shows or our favorite movies, but that doesn't mean that we can say them to our friends. Real people don't say mean things like that.
Isaiah: But I dinnit shoot anyone. Guns aren't nice.
Me: Right. We leave taking care of the bad guys to the police.
Isaiah: So, when you have a good day, you don't have to go to the office and you don't have to pull any cards.
Me: That's right.

Once we got home, we decided we'd work on his homework project. His class is learning about chickens and eggs, and the different parts of the egg. The kids were all given a plastic egg and told to put something into it and come up with three clues. Then, the rest of the class will hear the clues and try to guess the content of the egg.

I tried to think of different things he could put in and come up with clues for. First up, was a quarter. I told him if we put in the quarter, he could say that it was more than a dime, less than a dollar, and a silver color. He piped up and said that it was less than a half-dollar. I said yes, it was less than a half-dollar. As I tried to get him to see what the clues were, he started singing a song he's learned about money. He said that "me and Delaney are half-dollars," which made no sense at all to me. The song starts out about pennies, then goes on to nickles, dimes, and quarters. I have no clue about it.

Next, I tried to put in a Band-aid. That one went right over his head. He wanted to put things in the egg that were much too big. It was a good lesson in bigger and smaller. The third item I put in was a button and tried these clues: You find it on your shirt, it holds your shirt closed, and sometimes it falls off. He said something that was totally foreign to buttons or shirts. So, I tried to draw attention to the buttons on my blouse as I was going through the clues again. His guess was again totally off. By now, I'm trying to figure out a way to get him to understand what we could use that we could come up with clues.

I gave up and told Amy that she needed to re-address the homework tomorrow.

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