Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Alexander and Isaiah

Life with Alexander around has certainly not been dull. Isaiah has had a good time playing with him except for the times that he “forgot” Alexander is really just a baby. Isaiah can’t quite grasp the fact that when Alexander takes a toy, he’s not being mean – he’s just being a normal toddler. We have to help teach him to not grab things but Isaiah also needs to realize that he can share or offer Alexander an alternate choice.

They were playing with Tupperware lids and cake spatulas. Isaiah was playing the drums and Alexander kept walking off with pieces of the “drum” ensemble. I told Isaiah to just get a different lid; after all, they were ALL out all over the dining room.

We had to get a gate to keep Alexander out of the kitchen. I couldn’t keep a thing in the drawers because as fast as I put the things away, he was taking them back out. He also discovered the buttons on my dishwasher and would frequently turn off or on one of the drawers (I have the two drawer system). One night he turned off the one I was running and turned on the one I was not. I re-set them (had to add more detergent to the first one) and a little bit later, he’d done it again. I think it took three tries before I finally was able to get the dishes washed and to drain the water out of the second drawer.

I did discover that he likes to put clothes into the washer and dryer. I’ve had him help me doing that and he’s very proud of himself. Now, if I could just get him to fold them…

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Anonymous said... couldn't even get ME to help you fold the laundry and I'm 22. If you get a toddler to do it, I'm going to feel quite bad about myself.