Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Star Student

Isaiah was so proud of himself! He was the "star student" last week at school. He came home Friday with a foam star pinned to his chest and he had a crown in his book bag.

He wanted to sit on my lap Friday night and have me rub his back ("use both hands, grandma") and while he was enjoying the back rub he filled me in on his day. He says "ine" when he means "I'm" so below is not a typing error.

Isaiah: Ine behaving good.
Me: Yes, you are behaving very well.
Isaiah: That's my job. Ine the star student.
Me: Oh? What else is your job.
Isaiah: Well, you know, just stuff. Line up, do the lights, do things that star students do. (This is all with facial expressions and hand movements; he's very expressive.)

He also has had a wonderfully "green" month. He's only had two days all month that were yellow, which is only one step down from green. He's very proud of himself when he comes home, and a couple of days he's been pretty cocky. He very nonchalantly saunters into the living room, gives us a little grin and announces that he had a green day, as if it is the only option and we're silly for even asking.

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