Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More green days

Isaiah had a green day for Monday and Tuesday. That is absolutely amazing and outstanding. He did not get off to a good start yesterday so it was doubtful that he'd do so well. Mommy is going to definitely reward him with something special.

Last night I let him play Mario Kart for an hour and I played with him for about 45 minutes of it. It's pathetic to have a five year old try to help his 52 year old grandmother win. "That's OK, Grandma. You'll do better next time."

He even let me play one of the race locations that I'm usually best in. The mushrooms... I came in 11th out of 12. That was not one of my finer performances.

We're trying to teach Isaiah some basic time concepts and how to tell time. He's not getting it yet, but that's OK. I know when I taught kindergarten we didn't approach it until in the spring. Last night it was 6:22, Ron was watching a show, and Isaiah was ready to play Mario Kart. I told him at 7:00 that Grandpa would move into the bedroom and he could pay his game. He was sad at that, until I showed him the digital clock and told him when the 6 became a 7, it would be his turn. That didn't seem as far away as 7:00 did. Go figure... he said that was a good deal.

It's kind of sad that Isaiah has learned that Mario Kart is the actual name of his "game called racing" and he now refers to it with the correct name. Yes, I wanted him to learn the name but it's still sad to know that he's past that stage in his life. "A game called racing" was such a cute way to refer to what he wanted to do. Sometime, I think I'll just ask him if he wants to play his game called racing and see what he says.

He'll probably say, "Grandma, its name is Mario Kart."

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Jamie Marie said...

Woo hoo way to go for the two green days this week!