Saturday, January 10, 2009

Five in a row!

Isaiah had five green days this week. All five. That's awesome and worthy of sharing. I was worried if he'd make all five days because he had a couple of mornings where he had a rough start and was obviously cranky.

When I picked him up last night and found out his good news, I told him we'd go for an ice cream cone. He was crying because the kids were playing tag and one of them tagged him too hard so he fell. I was trying to distract him with a reward for his obvious good behavior for the week.

We dried up his tears, loaded up the car, and headed to McDonald's. Their ice cream machine had just broken down. Isaiah was sad so he got french fries instead. We pulled out onto the road and he wanted to know if we were getting ice cream. Oops... thought the french fries were going to be enough.

Sonic was the next best option but they don't have chocolate cones. I asked Isaiah if he wanted a chocolate sundae instead.

Isaiah: What's a sundae?
Me: It's ice cream in a bowl that they pour chocolate syrup over.
Isaiah: Syrup is for pancakes, not ice cream.
Me: Yes, but there is a chocolate syrup or hot fudge topping for ice cream.
Isaiah: You can't put hot on ice cream. How do they make chocolate syrup?
Me: Isaiah, it's liquid chocolate like what you put in milk to drink.
Isaiah: That's not syrup. Syrup is for pancakes.
Me: Do you want a fudge topping sundae?
Isaiah: Yes.

He loved it. He ate most of it last night and then wanted to put the rest in the freezer. This morning he asked for his ice cream, you know - the one with the chocolate syrup on it.

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