Friday, January 16, 2009

Final tally: 2 green and 3 yellow

But, he didn't hit anyone. This, in Isaiah's books, is almost as good as getting a green day. One day he did push one of his friends but the other two days he just had a little bit of trouble listening. I think that's a valid issue for a lot of us at one time or another.

Mommy did get him a really great prize for having so many exceptional days. Isaiah loves Build-a-Bear. He has several. More than several, really; he has a lot. They all own clothes. So tonight he got a wardrobe for them (they came out with one that is not pink) and he just "had" to have a black dog so he could name her Maisey after our dog.

Maisey isn't black.

The other day it was his turn for show and tell the letter of the week. It was "O" and I suggested to Amy that he take the Ogre babies. He has all three of them. Amy thought for sure that he'd want to take Shrek instead. He has two of those. Amy lined the babies up on the table and put one of the Shreks in the bedroom. Isaiah chose to take the three babies. But he had to name them first.

We don't know where he gets most of his names, but he is usually pretty original. Gilbert, Bo (after a friend at school), and Amy (like his mommy). I was glad that she got to be one of the characters. Amy suggested my name and I suggested hers. She won (actually, I won). I'm already Tasha, the hippopotamus from Backyardigans. It wouldn't be fair if I was an ogre, too.

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