Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blah, blah, blah

Here's a little incident that just reinforces the fact that children are sponges. Yesterday Amy was talking to Isaiah about something (I don't remember exactly what) and when he replied, he said the correct answer and added "blah, blah, blah" at the end.

Of course, I knew he had to hear it from his mother because when she's talking on the phone and doesn't want to try to repeat something verbatim, she substitutes "blah, blah, blah" instead. I guess he's heard it enough that he thought he could say it.

That serves her right. Blah, Blah, Blah

The Star Student

Isaiah was so proud of himself! He was the "star student" last week at school. He came home Friday with a foam star pinned to his chest and he had a crown in his book bag.

He wanted to sit on my lap Friday night and have me rub his back ("use both hands, grandma") and while he was enjoying the back rub he filled me in on his day. He says "ine" when he means "I'm" so below is not a typing error.

Isaiah: Ine behaving good.
Me: Yes, you are behaving very well.
Isaiah: That's my job. Ine the star student.
Me: Oh? What else is your job.
Isaiah: Well, you know, just stuff. Line up, do the lights, do things that star students do. (This is all with facial expressions and hand movements; he's very expressive.)

He also has had a wonderfully "green" month. He's only had two days all month that were yellow, which is only one step down from green. He's very proud of himself when he comes home, and a couple of days he's been pretty cocky. He very nonchalantly saunters into the living room, gives us a little grin and announces that he had a green day, as if it is the only option and we're silly for even asking.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Final tally: 2 green and 3 yellow

But, he didn't hit anyone. This, in Isaiah's books, is almost as good as getting a green day. One day he did push one of his friends but the other two days he just had a little bit of trouble listening. I think that's a valid issue for a lot of us at one time or another.

Mommy did get him a really great prize for having so many exceptional days. Isaiah loves Build-a-Bear. He has several. More than several, really; he has a lot. They all own clothes. So tonight he got a wardrobe for them (they came out with one that is not pink) and he just "had" to have a black dog so he could name her Maisey after our dog.

Maisey isn't black.

The other day it was his turn for show and tell the letter of the week. It was "O" and I suggested to Amy that he take the Ogre babies. He has all three of them. Amy thought for sure that he'd want to take Shrek instead. He has two of those. Amy lined the babies up on the table and put one of the Shreks in the bedroom. Isaiah chose to take the three babies. But he had to name them first.

We don't know where he gets most of his names, but he is usually pretty original. Gilbert, Bo (after a friend at school), and Amy (like his mommy). I was glad that she got to be one of the characters. Amy suggested my name and I suggested hers. She won (actually, I won). I'm already Tasha, the hippopotamus from Backyardigans. It wouldn't be fair if I was an ogre, too.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More green days

Isaiah had a green day for Monday and Tuesday. That is absolutely amazing and outstanding. He did not get off to a good start yesterday so it was doubtful that he'd do so well. Mommy is going to definitely reward him with something special.

Last night I let him play Mario Kart for an hour and I played with him for about 45 minutes of it. It's pathetic to have a five year old try to help his 52 year old grandmother win. "That's OK, Grandma. You'll do better next time."

He even let me play one of the race locations that I'm usually best in. The mushrooms... I came in 11th out of 12. That was not one of my finer performances.

We're trying to teach Isaiah some basic time concepts and how to tell time. He's not getting it yet, but that's OK. I know when I taught kindergarten we didn't approach it until in the spring. Last night it was 6:22, Ron was watching a show, and Isaiah was ready to play Mario Kart. I told him at 7:00 that Grandpa would move into the bedroom and he could pay his game. He was sad at that, until I showed him the digital clock and told him when the 6 became a 7, it would be his turn. That didn't seem as far away as 7:00 did. Go figure... he said that was a good deal.

It's kind of sad that Isaiah has learned that Mario Kart is the actual name of his "game called racing" and he now refers to it with the correct name. Yes, I wanted him to learn the name but it's still sad to know that he's past that stage in his life. "A game called racing" was such a cute way to refer to what he wanted to do. Sometime, I think I'll just ask him if he wants to play his game called racing and see what he says.

He'll probably say, "Grandma, its name is Mario Kart."

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Five in a row!

Isaiah had five green days this week. All five. That's awesome and worthy of sharing. I was worried if he'd make all five days because he had a couple of mornings where he had a rough start and was obviously cranky.

When I picked him up last night and found out his good news, I told him we'd go for an ice cream cone. He was crying because the kids were playing tag and one of them tagged him too hard so he fell. I was trying to distract him with a reward for his obvious good behavior for the week.

We dried up his tears, loaded up the car, and headed to McDonald's. Their ice cream machine had just broken down. Isaiah was sad so he got french fries instead. We pulled out onto the road and he wanted to know if we were getting ice cream. Oops... thought the french fries were going to be enough.

Sonic was the next best option but they don't have chocolate cones. I asked Isaiah if he wanted a chocolate sundae instead.

Isaiah: What's a sundae?
Me: It's ice cream in a bowl that they pour chocolate syrup over.
Isaiah: Syrup is for pancakes, not ice cream.
Me: Yes, but there is a chocolate syrup or hot fudge topping for ice cream.
Isaiah: You can't put hot on ice cream. How do they make chocolate syrup?
Me: Isaiah, it's liquid chocolate like what you put in milk to drink.
Isaiah: That's not syrup. Syrup is for pancakes.
Me: Do you want a fudge topping sundae?
Isaiah: Yes.

He loved it. He ate most of it last night and then wanted to put the rest in the freezer. This morning he asked for his ice cream, you know - the one with the chocolate syrup on it.

I have created a monster

Isaiah loves Connie Talbot.

I let him listen to one of her songs - Three Little Birds - this morning to pass the time and he wanted to hear it again. So, I played I Have A Dream for him and he slowly came over to the computer to see what was going on.

He climbed up on my lap and wanted to watch video after video. He said that's a kid and she's singing! I told him she was eight years old.

He said, "I'm five. Can she come to my birthday?"

I tried to tell him that she lived very far away and he just wasn't buying it. LOL - I wonder if she'd like to travel to Kansas to make a little boy happy? Nah... probably not. I don't think we could afford her travel fees and performance fees. Oh well, there's always a CD that can be purchased.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fatigue, arm flapping, and pictures

Isaiah is one of those children who flap when they're excited. He also does this more when he's tired or extra excited. He tends to make odd movements with his fingers, too and those are hard to describe.
The other day I said something to him about flapping and he said he was a bird. Today he said he was being a magician and making magic signs. OK - that's a new one on me. I don't think I've seen magicians do quite that.

Isaiah has a wipe-off board and we're working on recognizing some words. He is having trouble with that but he also likes to draw on his board. Yesterday he drew him and I holding hands, and then he added Rex and his mom holding hands. He told me he drew me too big but was that OK with me. I said sure, it was quite OK. LOL - then I saw me. I am quite a bit bigger than the rest. Everyone has a belly button but me. I wonder what that means?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

"Trying to stay calm" blog

I was blog-hopping this morning and came upon Trying to stay calm and saw she had a giveaway contest going on. The contest ends today so I hope I got my entry in quickly enough to be a part of the judging.

She has pictured three prints by artist David Bowman and will pick three lucky winners to win one of his prints. I submitted the following comment:

These prints immediately conveyed a sense of calm, contentment, and safety to me. I pictured my 5 year old grandson in the first - resting safely in the arms of Jesus. He has been diagnosed with PDD-NOS, which is in the autism spectrum. He exhibits the innocence the artist portrays in the first picture. Everything in his life, and in his mind, has a very simple explanation and he is truly a joy to watch. His blog is {this one} and I created it so maybe someone else following this same path might see what a joy their child can be.

I also pictured Isaiah in the second print (even though the artist pictured what appears to be a girl). I know that in his life Isaiah will have many challenges and Jesus will always have him wrapped securely in His embrace.

The third print represents my daughter, Isaiah’s mom, being comforted by her faith in God and her trust in Jesus. Without those two things, it would be very difficult for her to let go and let Isaiah stumble and make his way through a world that is often ignorant of another’s differences, and instead of encouraging the development, often put stumbling blocks along the way.

I will have to go visit his website to see more prints. I would also like to put your blog on my blog roll of watched blogs.

Thank you and may God bless you.

It is my desire that anyone who reads Isaiah's Eyes will rest assured that everything really will be OK and God really does have a plan.