Monday, December 1, 2008


I wish I'd been writing down the things that Isaiah has said during the past two years. His language skills have really increased since he's been going to the developmental program through the school system. When he came to live with us he spoke very limited words and mostly in his own language.

Before Amy got out of the Navy and came back home, Isaiah called me "mom" and would correct anyone who tried to say I was "grandma." Isaiah called her "mommy" and called Ron "grandpa" but we decided that since I was THE mom of the house, then that's what he thought he should call me, too. We had our pictures taken in the summer of 2006 and put them into a frame with the inscription "Isaiah and his two Moms" so it would be something that he'd have later and know that he didn't always call me by grandma.

Here are just a few of the things he's said fairly recently: I just can't imagine our household these past two years without Isaiah being there. He's been such a joy and watching him grow and develop has given me countless hours of happiness. I thank God for him and for allowing me to be such an active part of his life. I hope that when he's an adult he'll have fond memories of his time with us.

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