Monday, December 1, 2008

First day of kindergarten

Isaiah came home extremely pleased with his first day of kindergarten and "key latch" (he gets it backwards). He got to eat a gingerbread man and made some really cute "first day" stuff for his mom. He got a green star for the day, which meant that he had a very good day. (Hmmm... wonder how he had such a good day there? Maybe because they are aware of his limitations and work with them. Amazing.)

Amy had been told that he wasn't eligible for the bus because we live too close to the school so he was not ready yesterday morning at 7:30. She told the bus driver that she didn't think he was a rider so the driver said she'd check. Amy decided that she'd have him ready at 7:30 this morning just in case. The bus came at 7:22. LOL - the driver told Amy that Isaiah was indeed eligible to ride the bus and that she'll be here to pick him up at 7:22. School starts at 8:00 and we're less than 3 miles away so not sure why he will get on the bus so early. Oh well... Saves Amy (and me) having to take him. He was very disappointed that he didn't get to ride the bus to school.

He's very excited to ride the bus to latch key in the afternoon though.

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