Saturday, December 6, 2008

The concept of sharing

I had a jewelry party today and a couple of my friends from work came. One has two little children - a boy and a girl - and both are younger than Isaiah. The oldest one (a girl) will be five in January (Isaiah will be six in April) and the youngest (a boy) will be three in March.

Isaiah and Renee have been to each other's birthday parties ever since he came to live with us. Garrett has come, too but mostly as the baby bystander. Now, he's old enough to actually play with the "big" kids and enjoy the toys.

Isaiah has a bouncy ball - you know, one of those things with a handle that they sit on and bounce up and down on. He got it from my ex-husband last year for his birthday and it's become one of his favorite toys. He had a lot of trouble sharing that so he ended up deciding that neither of them would play with it.

He's also got Smart Cycle that Garrett really loved. We didn't have it hooked up but Garrett and Renee both got on and pedaled.

Isaiah was not too pleased but I was really proud of him for not being too vocal about it. He did say, "He's swiping my toy." I got a good laugh out of it and told him that he was not.

Swiping something means that you put it in your back pocket and take it and...

1. It wouldn't fit in Garrett's back pocket.
2. His mom wouldn't let him if it did.
3. You have to share it.

Isaiah said, "And #4?"

I said there is no #4. He said OK and went about his business.

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