Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Buses have wheels

Because of the bad weather we got yesterday, Isaiah's bus was running late today. In fact, they were so late that we weren't sure they were coming.

Ron said, "Are you even sure the buses are running today because of the snow and ice?"

Isaiah: "Grandpa, buses can't run. They don't have any feet. They only have wheels."

And then he grinned. He's got such a sense of humor!


I think I may have mentioned before that an open water bottle becomes Isaiah's water bottle. He just knows you want to share with him.

I walked into the bedroom tonight and noticed my water bottle open on the nightstand. I immediately knew who did it (and he was in the bathtub), so I went into the bathroom and said my water was opened and he had done it.

He looked at me with wide eyes, thinking he was in trouble. Instead, he gave me a cheesy, toothy grin. Gotcha!

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