Monday, December 1, 2008

And Isaiah says...

Isaiah got a new book, Puff the Magic Dragon, for being so brave when he got his immunizations on Friday. He needed four of them so you can imagine he was not too happy with all of the needle sticks.

I've been trying to teach him the song so he can "read" and sing along in the book. He has picked it up pretty quickly, but he is a bit confused.

Me: Puff the Magic Dragon lived by the sea. Now you try it.
Isaiah: Puff the Dragic Mountain lived by the sea.
Me: Try again... say it slowly. Puff the Magic Dragon.
Isaiah: Puff the Dragic Mountain.
Me: Say it with me, ok? OK. Here we go...
Isaiah: Puff the Dragon Mountain lived by the sea.
Me: Mountains don't live by the sea. The dragon lives by the sea.
Isaiah: No, Grandma. Say it slowly. It goes like this: honeylee.
Me: OK, Isaiah. You sing it really well. We'll work on the next verse later.

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